Street Proposals – Draft II

We have been talking about the street grid within the Oak Cliff Gateway.  The images below describe current and draft street sections.  Work on street recommendations continues and the next round of concepts will reflect public comments and recent conversations with DART, Team Better Block, and committee members from Kidd Springs, East Kessler Park, Lake Cliff and Methodist Hospital.  A .PDF file containing draft II proposals is provided here >> Draft II Street Sections 5 OCT 2011 Combined.  This is a large file.  If you would like a specific street section please post a request or send an email to

Click here for an image showing traffic volume >> Traffic Volume

Street Sections

Colorado Boulevard

[click on the image to enlarge]

Colorado West of Beckley

ColoradoColorado East of Marsalis

Beckley Avenue

Beckley South

Marsalis Avenue


Zang Boulevard

Zang Blvd. South

Zang Blvd. North

Jefferson Boulevard

Jefferson Blvd. Urban Condition

Jefferson Blvd. 6th, 8th, 9th 10th

Jeferson Blvd. DART Area

Eigth Street

Eight Street


Greenbriar Lane

Residential Type A

Residential Type A

Residential Type B

Residential Type B

Mixed Use Street A

Mixed Use Street A

Mixed Use Street B

Mixed Use Street B


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