PD 468-E

PD 468, Subdistrict E  – Hospital Area

Summary –Existing Zoning

Section 13 [a] – Main Uses Permitted

  • See list in Ordinance 23057, pg. 28
  • Commercial and business services
  • Institutional and community service
  • Lodging
  • Office
  • Recreation
  • Residential
  • Retail & Personal Service Uses
  • Transportation
  • Utility and public service uses

Section 13 [b] –Yard, Lot, Space Regulations

  • Minimum front yard 15 feet
  • Minimum side yard is 20 feet
  • Minimum rear yard is 20 feet

Section 13 [b] 3-8 –Yard, Lot, Space Regulations

  • Density – 30 units per acre maximum density
  • Floor area – Maximum FAR 1:5:1
  • Height – Maximum 115 ft. (Approx. 9 stories)
  • Lot Coverage – Maximum lot coverage 80%
  • Lot Size – No maximum lot size

Section 12 [c] –Off Street Parking & Loading

  • Parking is regulated by 51 A-4.200

Off-Street parking must be screened and attain a height of three feet above the parking surface.

Section 13 (f) –Signs

  • Article VII, business zoning districts

Section 13 (g) –Urban Design Guidelines & Landscaping

  • Article X and:  Front yards and side yards must contain canopy trees.
  • Parking Lots: All off-street surface parking lots must be screened from the street.

Existing Structures & Uses

  • Medical complex, parking structures and offices
  • Retail

Proposed as of July 11, 2011

  • Incentives for medium density structures with opportunities for ground floor retail
  • Heights TBD (current zoning allows for approximately stories)
  • Build-to lines
  • Building design guideline TBD
  • Streetscape and design –TBD
  • Improved roadway amenities
  • Encourage moderate to heavy pedestrian activity
  • Parking –TBD



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