PD 468-B

PD 468, Subdistrict B – Oak Farms Commercial Area

From the intersection of Marsalis and Zang Blvd. to the Trinity River levee.  Southeast along the levee to Jefferson Blvd.  South along Jefferson Blvd. to appoint near 8th Street.  North along the alley behind Ewing to Comal Street.  West on Comal to Ewing and then north on Ewing to Colorado Blvd.  West on Colorado Blvd. to Marsalis and then north to the starting point at the intersection of Zang and Marsalis.

 Summary –Existing Zoning

Section 9 [a] – Main Uses Permitted

Section 9 [b] –Yard, Lot, Space Regulations

  • Minimum front yard 15 Feet
  • No minimum side yard
  • No minimum rear yard

Section 9 [b] 3-8 –Yard, Lot, Space Regulations

  • Density – No maximum density
  • Floor area – Maximum FAR of 1:5:1
  • Height – South of Colorado Blvd. 54Ft. Maximum (Approx. 4 stories)
  • Height – North of Colorado Blvd. 95 Ft. Maximum (Approx. 7 stories)
  • Lot Coverage – Maximum lot coverage 80%
  • Lot Size – No minimum lot size Section

9 [c] – Off Street Parking & Loading

  • Parking is regulated by 51 A-4.200

Section 9 [e] –Landscaping

  • Article X, Dallas Development Code

Section 9 (h) –Urban Design Guidelines

  • Areas fronting Jefferson Blvd. from the Trinity River to Eighth; Lancaster Blvd. north of Colorado Blvd.; and Marsalis Street north of Colorado Blvd.
  • 15 ft. minimum front yard
  • 30 ft. maximum front yard
  • Lighting directed away from adjoining properties
  • Off-Street parking must be screened and attain a height of three feet above the parking surface.
  • Reflective glass- 15% stories one and two
  • Reflective glass -27% stories three and above
  • Outside storage must be screened
  • Trees must be planted 10 ft. from front property line and spaced at 30 ft., excluding visibility triangles and points of ingress and egress.

Existing Structures & Uses

  • Large and mid-sized apartments
  • Detached, duplex and fourplex family dwelling units
  • Light industrial structures
  • Parking lots
  • Retail
  • Vacant lots

Proposed as of July 2011

  • Incentives for some form of mixed use medium density residential with opportunities for ground floor retail
  • Mix of townhomes, mid-rise apartments and shopfronts
  • Heights TBD (current zoning allows for 4-7 stories)
  • Build-to lines



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