DRAFT: 12-14-2011

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One thought on “DRAFT: 12-14-2011

  1. Larry & Committee:

    I am submitting a request for changes to the draft as presented on December 14, 2011.


    [A] Change the language in …

    Notes From Uses Table

    [3] In the NI sub district, the number of dwelling units on a lot may not be increased. If the number of dwelling units on a lot is reduced the lot is thereafter limited to the lesser number of dwelling units.

    So contributing structures in the Lake Cliff Neighborhood are able to activate garage apartments as dwelling units. As described September 30 in LCNA recommendations.

    LCNA Recommendation #11

    Location: Lake Cliff Neighborhood Single Family Area (NI)

    Recommendations: In deference to traditional neighborhood features and uses reflected in the Lake Cliff Historic District, existing yard, lot & space regulations should apply to all properties in the neighborhood infill area within HD 84 boundaries. Replace provisions in PD 468 so that contributing structures [buildings & garage apartments] are allowed to operate as dwelling units (consider a cap on the number of dwelling units). LCNA is reviewing ideas for new construction outside HD 84 boundaries.

    [B] Include Zang Blvd. on the list of primary streets for Note 3…

    Notes From Standards Table

    (3) Ground story street activating uses are required only for the first 30’ of building depth as measured from the following streets when they are designated as the primary street: Colorado, Beckley, Jefferson and Eighth.

    [C] Delete the waiver to obtain a CA for signs within HD-84 that is in a WUR or WMU…

    SEC.__.603 Signs

    (E) Certificate of Appropriateness Waiver.
    (i) The requirement to obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness for signs within that portion of the Lake Cliff Historic District that is in a WUR or WMU subdistrict is waived.

    [D] Clarify language permitting neon so that the ordinance differentiates between neon light fixtures and neon colors.

    SEC.__.603 Signs
    (b) All Districts.

    The use of neon is permitted, except in the NI district.


    Michael A. Mendoza

    Posted by oakcliffgateway | March 7, 2012, 8:34 AM

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