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It’s Spring in the Oak Cliff Gateway

The latest draft of the Oak Cliff Gateway ordinance and supporting exhibits are available to review.  [Oak Cliff Gateway Special Purpose District]

This draft serves as the basis for the April 22 City Council public hearing.  Getting to this point is a remarkable achievement.  At nearly 800 acres, the area covered by the ordinance represents one of the largest zoning cases the City of Dallas has ever reviewed.  The ordinance is informed by contributions from neighborhoods, commercial stakeholders and professional planners.  I am grateful for the time so many people have invested to open the Gateway to additional neighbors, businesses and local retailers.  By coincidence, earlier this month The Economist published several articles on how poor land use in some of the world’s greatest cities carries a huge costs.   Two policies, restricting land use and taxing property rather than land, appear to create wasteful scenarios in most cities.  While Dallas is no exception we should be encouraged.  The changes proposed in this ordinance give land in the Gateway a better chance of being more productive and serving the citizens of Dallas in better ways.

Michael A. Mendoza






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