LCNA seeks to consider new development types and uses in the Gateway:

The current zoning ordinance (PD 468) governing development types and uses in Lake Cliff, limits all new construction to only single-family structures for properties beginning on the west side  of Marsalis Avenue.  Recently, City of Dallas staff drafted a set of recommendations for changes to PD 468 but these recommendations do not include any changes to the status quo.   Staff’s recommendations do not allow segments of Lake Cliff to redevelopment in form or uses other than single family.  City staff sees Lake Cliff as a single-family residential neighborhood.   Many have argued that the margins of our park and single-family core offer greater variety and opportunity.


Members of LCNA have been open to allowing other forms of development within specific segments of the neighborhood.  During the last round of discussions in 2011-2012, LCNA representatives (Mendoza, Holt & Garza) advised the Gateway Steering Committee to recommend changes to the ordinance.  These recommendations were forwarded to the City of Dallas and they included language allowing new construction of building types such as manor houses (Colorado & Blaylock), duplexes and four-plexes (such as found on Marsalis) and small scale apartment buildings (like the Bomar or structures on Blaylock and Crawford) on segments of Marsalis Avenue, Crawford Street, and Blaylock Street.  LCNA representatives also advised the committee to recommend limited commercial activity on Marsalis Avenue, from Colorado to 8th Street.  In addition to the bookends of a daycare center and a retail store, new uses might include activities scaled to fit the street like an insurance agent, barbershop, or professional services like law, accounting or architecture.  In fact, encouraging office uses within the Gateway is one of the goals outlined during town hall meeting on July 29.   >> http://oakcliff.advocatemag.com/2014/07/griggs-six-lane-jefferson-memorial-bridge-kill-gateway/


Staff with City of Dallas planning office disagrees with the LCNA/Gateway Committee recommendations to allow new development types west of Marsalis and greater uses along Marsalis.  If you agree with LCNA/Gateway Committee recommendations and want to see the ordinance changed we will need to ask Mike Anglin, our representative on the City Plan Commission, and or Scott Griggs, our Councilman, to offer an amendment that makes the changes.

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2 thoughts on “LCNA seeks to consider new development types and uses in the Gateway:

  1. Hello Ann,

    The area west of Marsalis under consideration for a zoning change extends from the Trinity River levy down to 8th street and over to Beckley/Zang. Identify the intersection you are concerned with and I would be happy to help describe the heights the City of Dallas are recommending and let you know if the Gateway Steering Committee are recommending something different. MM

    Posted by oakcliffgateway | August 1, 2014, 9:57 PM
  2. What is the city of Dallas wanting to do with the area W. Of Marsalis? Are they wanting to have talker buildings?

    Posted by Ann Chenault | August 1, 2014, 12:04 PM

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