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Low Income Housing Program Recommended for North Oak Cliff

The housing office at Dallas City Hall has a revitalization plan for a section of North Oak Cliff.  I think we all agree on the City’s objectives: address blight, improve the quality of housing and stimulate investment.  How we get there is up for debate.  The City’s plan involves designating land east of Marsalis as a neighborhood supported by Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC).  Representing the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce, Bob Stimson sent the Dallas City Council a letter asking our policy makers to reconsider this recommendation.   >> OCC Letter  Leveraging housing tax credits has been a part of the urban policy maker’s tool chest for decades.  They are relatively easy and convenient to administer.  The briefing package prepared on the matter even states that there is no cost consideration to City.  While there may not be a budget outlay, these policies can inflict a price in other ways – stigma, land values, and economic segregation.  The City’s briefing document does not offer examples of successful LIHTC programs but it does offer a good SWOT analysis on North Oak Cliff.  I agree with the conclusion.  The area’s greatest threats include current zoning.  >> City Council Briefing pg. 12

Council persons Delia Jasso and Scott Griggs will cast a vote on this item tomorrow, December 12.  Let them know what you think about allowing another section of North Oak Cliff to qualify for Low Income Tax Credit Housing and remind them that the area’s zoning remains one of the biggest barriers to redevelopment.

Contact:  Delia Jasso 214 670 4052 or Scott Griggs 214 670 0776 or

Posted by Michael A. Mendoza



2 thoughts on “Low Income Housing Program Recommended for North Oak Cliff

  1. Thank you Delia. This should give us all more time to learn about the program and understand what a housing tax credit might, or might not, accomplish for the neighborhood. Either way…current zoning in the Gateway needs to change. The queue for new development and policy proposals is getting longer and our framework for streets and zoning should be in place sooner rather than later. MM

    Posted by Michael A. Mendoza | December 12, 2012, 11:10 AM
  2. I will be pulling the North Oak Cliff portion out of the ordinance today.

    Delia Jasso Councilmember City of Dallas District 1 1500 Marilla, 5FN Dallas, TX 75201 214-670-4052

    Posted by Delia Jasso | December 12, 2012, 10:45 AM

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