Draft Recommendations – October 3, 2011

The steering committee is near completion of a form based code for the Oak Cliff Gateway.  These recommendations draw from City of Dallas Ordinance 51A-Article XIII, Form Based Districts.  Download the draft here >> The Form-Based Code for Oak Cliff Gateway Special Purpose District

Features in the proposed code promote walkable urban neighborhoods where higher density mixed-uses and mixed housing types would offer a built environment less dependent on the automobile.  The proposal  recommends both transitional building forms and uses for areas adjacent to and within traditional single-family neighborhoods.  The steering committee will compliment the recommended zoning changes with an amendment to the thoroughfare plan.  This amendment will follow under a separate post. 

The current draft offers the following elements:

    • Community Gardens
    • Ground Story Street Activating Uses
    • Support for Legacy Buildings
    • Live-Work Units
    • Residential Proximity Slope Guidelines
    • Open Space Requirements
    • Form Standards
    • Building Element Guidelines
    • Parking Regulations (surface, packed, tandem, remote, on-street)
    • Parking Reductions
    • Streetscape Guidelines
    • Sign Regulations
    • Administrative Variance Process
    • Contingent Entitlements




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