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Streets are public spaces

Tom Vanderbilt on Cars

The Big Question – World Policy Journal, Winter 2010

“…In the City of the future, we need to pursue policies that allow for safe, efficient and affordable transport of the many, while recognizing that market-based approaches that so rationally apportion space in the private sector can and should be applied to the valuable urban space —in the in the form of roads and parking spaces—that cities essentially give away.

We need to recognize that streets are public spaces too, and not merely, in the old view of 1930s utopian modernism, channels for moving as many vehicles as quickly as possible.  The car will continue to exist, but should be treated as a “renter” of the city, not its landlord.  The urban car of the future should be shared, smaller and slower.”

Tom Vanderbilt is the author of Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (Vintage, 2008).  Read More >> http://www.howwedrive.com



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