Lake Cliff Offers Recommendations for Gateway Zoning

Lake Cliff Neighborhood Association Recommendations:

Members of the Lake Cliff Neighborhood Association (LCNA) have participated in individual rezoning cases and larger visioning excersizes for many years.  Thoughts on the land use vision were assembled back in 2008 and can be viewed here >>

At one time Lake Cliff Park and the surrounding neighborhood were a refuge from city life across the river.  The city has matured.  Linkages connecting the Gateway to downtown continue to strengthen as more connections, in the form of a streetcare line to Union Station, the Trinity Trails and the Calatrava bridge, are on the way.  Today, members of LCNA see themselves as stewards of a growing urban neighborhood.   In response, LCNA encourages a wide range of new development and adaptive reuse options for both physical form and use.  LCNA would like to see The Oak Cliff Gateway continue offering housing types at price levels accommodating diverse ages and incomes.  While LCNA is open to more uses on primary streets, members want to retain both spirit and intention of the Lake Cliff Historic District Overlay.  Specific recommendations can be found below:

Jennifer Thornton, President

Lake Cliff Neighborhood Association

PDF >> Recommendations_LCNA_September 30 2011



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