OC Chamber shares zoning recommendations

Bob Stimson, president of the The Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce, forwarded recommendations for rezoning the Oak Cliff Gateway.  The recommendations are a conglomeration of several face-to-face meetings, phone conversations and emails with members of a chamber task force.

The task force committee is chaired by Mark Miranda.  Members include Joe McElroy, Monte Anderson, Richard Patten, Lonnie Goodman, Frank Mihalopoulos, Kyle Vinson, Matthew Spillers, Laura Irvine, Stephen Mansfield, Tony Malone, Craig Schenkle, Jeff Mundy, Jim Lake, Scott Siemer, Kevin McGlaun, Steve Schenkle, Ed Oakley, Warren Rutherford and Susan Mead.

The group’s initial response to rezoning the Gateway is provided below.

Page Two

Page Three




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